Book Coaching/Consulting

Here are some specific services that I provide-

As a book coach, I’ve guided a host of writers through the steps leading to the publication of an independently-produced book, one that can compete head-to-head with books released by any of the major publishers.

With the growth of self-publishing and new publishing platforms, it’s easier than ever to get your book to market. At the same time, there are certain mistakes that first-time publishers make that often lead to disaster. You don’t have to make them, and an experienced book coach can help.

Jim guided me step-by-step through the self-publishing process. Jim’s knowledge and experience with writing and publishing, makes him an amazing coach. He has a way of taking you through the steps one at a time so that you are not overwhelmed by the big picture. I do not believe I would have completed my first book, “Please Bring Soup,” without Jim’s help and support.
–Linda Andrews, author of Please Bring Soup To Comfort Me While I Grieve

Have you been searching for an insightful and thoroughly dedicated book coach to help propel your literary project toward a promising future?  Are you in need of that supportive nudge to get you started on that long delayed novel—or any other literary epic that you might have in mind?

Whether it’s an unfinished novel you have stashed in the back of a drawer or a nonfiction that you’ve been meaning to write, Jim Baumer is fully prepared to help you manifest your artistic vision.  

Baumer is an accomplished writer, whose work explores such diverse topics as baseball, the “distinctively different” beverage known as Moxie, and the ever changing landscape of his own hometown.  When he isn’t hard at work on a project of his own, Baumer’s a thoroughly engaged and uniquely dedicated book coach…If you feel that you can’t face that blank page alone or that you need a seasoned professional to steer you through that all-important final draft, I can’t think of a more qualified guide than Jim.  With intelligence, understanding and insight, Jim Baumer will be there—whether that means getting you started or helping you get the job done.
–Mark Griffin, author of A Hundred or More Hidden Things: The Life and Films of Vincente Minnelli (Da Capo Press)  

Jim’s one-day workshop on the details of self-publishing was exactly what I needed to give me the courage to actually go through with the publishing. I had all the information I needed to get it done. I would not have published if I had not taken Jim’s class.
Kat _^..^_ G. Taylor, author of Froggie’s Mysterious Dream—How I Found Myself in My Drawings, and a companion workbook, The Process—A Technique for Doing Your Own Inner Exploration.

 Additional services-

  • Facilitation
  • Change Consulting/Career Transitions
  • Research and Report writing

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