The Summer Season

Summer has arrived. After what seemed like an interminable winter, and a cool spring, heat and humidity are now the order of our days as we proceed into July’s second week.

Maine’s shortest season is one that we all seem to relish. It’s a time for heading to the state’s abundant coastline, or inland to the lakes. Residents of the state try to cram as much outdoor activities into their social calendars as possible.

For me, summer is usually the time I release my books. When Towns Had Teams was a summer book, and of course, both Moxie books were set to come out during Moxie Season. The Perfect Number is also coming out during the summer, with books arriving on Friday from the printer.

There's nothing like the Maine coast in the summer.

There’s nothing like the Maine coast in the summer.

Moxie and summer go hand-in-hand. The Moxie Festival always occurs the second weekend in July like clockwork. Now the festival kicks off prior to that with a carnival and of course, the Moxie Recipe Contest. I say “of course,” because my sister, Julie-Ann, is the “queen of the contest.” Technically, she’s the contest coordinator, but I like to refer to her as the “Moxie Recipe Queen,” since she assumed the reins over this segment of Moxie last year—it has a more regal ring than merely being “the contest coordinator.” Last year’s soiree blending Moxie with culinary acumen was a blast and I’m sure this year’s will also be a stellar affair. I’ll be there checking it out on Moxie Friday Night in the old town.

Summer is more than just Moxie for the Durham side of the Baumer clan. I’ll be forced to miss the parade this year (which happens to be Maine’s largest summer parade, btw) because Miss Mary will be swimming the 2 ½ miles from Peaks Island to East End Beach in Portland on Saturday morning, and Mark and I will be there as her combined support team and cheering section. This is Mary’s second Peaks to Portland swim. My wife is an amazing woman!

We’ll all be back in the Falls on Saturday night for a book-related shindig that some of you know about.

It’s a busy time with Moxie, a new book, and swimming, biking, and running for us. Everyone else is busy running to and fro, also, maximizing summer’s shortness. Oh, and we all have to work, too!