The JBE is not a rock band, but it could be. The JBE is the home page for ideas, thoughts, and some of my core beliefs.

Equally important, it’s the digital landing pad where I touch down on my blog every Tuesday and Friday, posting my latest communique.

The JBE values authenticity, books, blogging, narratives, local businesses, and local farmers.


The “…learn, unlearn, relearn” tagline on my home page comes from Alvin Toffler. A noted futurist, writer, and global influence, I first discovered Toffler during my 14th year of life when I read Future Shock. I’ve been coming back to his continually evolving work for almost four decades. I’ve also been influenced by the books of Seth Godin if that helps to frame me and my philosophy of life and work.

If you like goofy videos, then here’s my attempt at making one.

Who is the JBE? from The JBE on Vimeo.