The Jim Baumer Experience is my personal and professional workspace. I created this site as a platform to share and write about ideas and theories I’ve been working on and piloting for more than a decade.

My fascination with reinvention got me started on this journey back in 2002. I’ve been on a quest ever since.

Over that period I’ve developed a reputation as an effective builder of partnerships, a champion at collaboration, and someone with experience working the grassroots (and back roads) of Maine. I’ve worked with community-based organizations, private business leaders, educators, career development professionals, policy makers, and economic leaders.

I’m also a freelance writer, author, and independent publisher, three additional hats that inform my passion for the stories that I am looking to find and curate.

Meaningful work involves equal parts passion and play, yet work is not always fun and easy. While perfection is a worthwhile goal, success requires taking risks and rolling forward before perfect is in place. The enemy of the good can be the procrastination that a false sense of what constitutes perfection often perpetuates.

I have demonstrated the ability to move projects towards success. I have managed small, nonprofit projects, and have worked with international corporations. I spent a year as a project manager in rural Maine, shepherding community members forward in addressing aging and developing resources that keep seniors in their homes. Since last July, I’ve been working with a group in L+A that is committed to sustainable economic growth and the preservation of a historic mill.

There are exciting things taking place in Maine and elsewhere. I hope you’ll join me in making magic happen.

Please contact me if you want to talk about a project you’d like me to help you push forward. I look forward to hearing from you.