The Jim Baumer Experience is my personal and professional workspace. I created this site as a platform to share ideas and theories I’ve been working on and piloting for more than a decade.

My fascination with reinvention got me started on a journey that began back in 2002. I’ve been on a quest ever since.

During this time, I’ve developed a reputation as an effective builder of partnerships, collaborating with community-based organizations, private business leaders, educators, career development professionals, policy makers, and economic leaders. The skills I’ve developed and continue refining rely more on art (and less on science), yet they are essential in Maine and elsewhere. At the same time, I don’t find an abundance of people who have experience and a track record of success doing what I refer to as “holistic community development.” What is this, exactly? I’d define it as part workforce and economic development, part sustainable growth—with a healthy dose of weaving and connecting disparate parts thrown in for good measure.

I’m fascinated by the stories we tell, or more important, the ones we don’t dare to. I’ve also learned that some groups work well together, and others can’t get out of their own way. People are amazing, and equally frustrating. It takes skill and talent to bring people together and allow them the space to create magic. I’ve consistently demonstrated these skills and have facilitated many key partnerships across the entire state of Maine. Workforce initiatives that I had a hand in crafting and developing are still in place, including WorkReady and others.

Here are a few other things you should know. I think meaningful work involves equal parts passion and play, yet work is not always fun and easy. While perfection is a worthwhile goal, success requires taking risks and rolling forward before perfect is in place. The enemy of the good can be the procrastination that a false sense of what constitutes perfection often perpetuates.

I have demonstrated the ability to get started and move projects towards success. I have managed small, nonprofit projects, as well as working with international corporations. Recently, I spent a year as a project manager in rural Maine, shepherding two community teams in New Sharon and Rangeley, helping them develop tools and local resources that will help seniors age in place. This was one of eight regional Thriving in Place grants, initiated and funded by the Maine Health Access Foundation.

There are exciting things taking place in Maine and elsewhere. I hope you’ll join me in making magic happen.

Please contact me if you want to talk about a project you’d like me to help you push forward. I look forward to hearing from you.