Jim Baumer is the author of four books. His first book,When Towns Had Teams, won the 2006 award for Best Regional Non-fiction from Independent Publisher. His second book, Moxietown, is a similar in-depth look at small town Maine and its relationship to a quirky soda and its cult following. His third book, Moxie: Maine in a Bottle was released by Down East Books in 2012.

As a small press publisher and founder of RiverVision Press, Baumer has carved out a unique niche as a Maine-based writer, continuing to capture the stories of people and the places that define them. In his newest book, The Perfect Number: Essays & Stories Vol. 1, he uses the essay effectively to write about the experiences of being raised in the Catholic Church (“The Altar Boy”), he offers a paean to the late John Gould, one of Maine’s most notable writers (“Writing About John Gould”), as well as tracing the decline of small towns in Maine, like his hometown of Lisbon Falls (“Goin’ Back”). He also shares his own Dilbert-like take on life in a cubicle for one of the state’s largest insurance companies (“Moscow Mutual”), along with the road trip he and his wife made to Texas and back across the South to see his son, who was walking across America in 2010 (“A Northerner’s Journey Crossing the South”). His other two essays, making up just the right number and amount of narrative deal with losing a dog (“A Dog’s Life”), along with his essay detailing the importance of reading and how it led to his emergence a bit later than many (“Reading Is a Journey”) as a successful writer.

His final essay on his hometown is some of the best writing that anyone’s done about the demise of communities like Lisbon Falls, and the economic changes that have made life difficult in similar small towns across the state and the country.

The Perfect Number: Essays and Stories Vol. I is sure to garner attention from readers who care about Maine, and value writers who have an ear for the pitch of the place.

Available at your favorite indie bookstore, or you can order it online at the Maine Historical Society Museum Store, as well as Amazon Books.


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  1. Jim…so wait a minute…reinvention; I have had to do this now 3-4 times in my life, and now I find myself having to do it again. The difference this time is that I have a family with teenagers and I’m trying to learn to walk again. On top of that, I m a bit older at 53 and I m convinced I have a learning disorder. So I’m signing up to ‘relearn’ and reinvent myself with you right now. Thanks for the Moxie and Italian and let’s talk again. Baseball, and reinvention….RH of the backyard wiffle Athletics.

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