An Honest Conversation

So you want to talk about the road to success, eh? Seriously? Success often masquerades as Lady Luck. Finding the pathway that leads to the doorway of success isn’t simply maintaining the status quo, either.

How are you at managing adversity? Let’s talk when your prospects seem hopeless, and the light coming from the other end of the tunnel is most likely a train. That’s the kind of conversation I’m interested in having.

It’s never easy going through a rough patch. I think it becomes more difficult during these social media-influenced times, when it seems like everyone else is having a ball, and you’re sitting at home, alone, with a can of cheap beer and some second-rate movie from 1937 on the idiot box. When the losing streak stretches out for weeks and then months, being resilient is a requisite, but it sure as hell isn’t easy getting up each and every day and turning your frown into a big fat smile for the doubters to see.

And just like that, someone throws you a bone—or two—and the funk comes to an end.

Life’s funny like that.

One thought on “An Honest Conversation

  1. It sounds like something good came your way. Good!

    A few years back my children were learning about William the Conqueror and the Norman invasion of England, including the Battle of Hastings where William defeated his rival to the throne. I asked them, “What was the most important thing William did to win that battle?”

    He used archers? Yes, but that’s not it. He had the hilltop? Not it yet. Better armor, troops less tired, on and on with the obvious factors, but no, none of them were it. Finally they demanded the answer from me.

    “He showed up.”

    Sounds like you showed up.

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