Becoming excellent


Let me make an observation. Excellence isn’t something that most of us strive for.  It seems that good enough is close enough. Perfunctory is too often the norm. It infects our work culture, our politics, our interpersonal relations, and our communities.

We expect excellence from everybody else though, don’t we?

What if we chose to pursue excellence in our own lives? Would it make a difference?

My mother used to say, “anything worth doing, is worth doing well.” I think she was talking about excellence.

I’m working towards excellent today. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Becoming excellent

  1. Your optimism is infectious; even though it’s flu season and “The Facebook” is filled with horror stories of illness and coughing and people soiling themselves, a little outbreak of personal excellence is needed. Onward!

    • Thank you, Julie-Ann.

      Yesterday afternoon, I made the mistake of watching about 20 minutes of madness, aka “Tee Vee Talking Heads” and I thought, “good lord, the world’s truly left its moorings.” People yelling, pointing fingers, demanding this and demanding that and I thought, “what are they doing to make a difference?” Then, I had to turn this back on myself and realize that it is about YOYO and forging your own way. YOYO, btw is “You are On You’re Own.” There’s more to all of this, but for me, I’m going to point towards excellence during my waking hours. Excellent sleep is important, but I think it will follow.

      I know I’ll fall short, but I’m guessing I’ll have a much healthier outlook and mindset and I might even hit a few of my ambitious goals at the start of 2013.

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