Blueberry Baron

Last year for Father’s Day, Mark, our son visited and brought three small blueberry bushes. He thought his dad needed some blueberries to tend.

Mark used the landscaping skills acquired during his college stint working for Anderson Landscaping.  He dug out the holes, planted three plants, and added some compost from our bin.

The next morning, some animal (skunk?) had dug around the plants (attracted by the compost) and the plants were lying on their sides. I replanted them, adding some commercial compost from a small company in Lisbon Falls.

Later in the summer, it appeared the leaves had been devoured by the birds. I figured that my future in blueberries was limited.

On Friday, while mowing, I noticed my little blueberry bushes had sprouted buds.

Yesterday, after swimming and biking 25 miles, I cleaned out the beds, and added some organic Holly-tone that I picked up at Allen, Sterling & Lothrop; I, also picked up some breathable fabric for later, when the berries come, to keep the birds away.

I took a few pictures and emailed them to Mark to say, “the bushes are budding.”

He wrote back thanking me for caring for them and that they looked a bit like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Budding blueberry plant.

Budding blueberry plant.


Hopefully I can keep the plants from animals and birds.

Hopefully I can keep the plants from animals and birds.

2 thoughts on “Blueberry Baron

  1. Hi Jim,

    My name is John Peelen. I’ve recently relocated to Southern Maine from NYC. I am a chef instructor in the process starting up an intimate cooking school in Falmouth. I am trying to find, plug into and build community here in the area.
    We’ve also just put in 3 blueberry bushes, 3 strawberry plants and 3 apple trees. I’m sure the chipmunks, the birds and the deer will be well fed.

    Happy Cooking,
    John Peelen
    Dutch Door Kitchen
    School – Food

    • @John

      Thanks for dropping by and introducing yourself. Some intriguing content at your website about cooking and kitchen skills.

      Might be something I look at come fall when my tri-training adventures are winding down.

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