Born in a cold month

Snoopy says it's my birthday.
Snoopy says it’s my birthday.

My mother tells me that I was born on a bitterly cold day. It’s a brutally cold one today (the thermometer says -3).

When you’re 10, turning 50 seems impossible—then it happens (my big milestone was last year).

The past year seems to have whisked by. Maybe it is true that time moves faster as you grow older.

A good friend, a very wise woman, shared with me that her best decade was the one from 50 to 60. I’m thinking I’ll make mine an amazing one, too.

5 thoughts on “Born in a cold month

    • Your tomato screener must have been on the blink with the first comment.

      Loved today’s post at Thanks for the props.

      I also received a call from our sainted mother; knew it was her when it came up “private” on the cellage.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes. The first one’s been impossible with sub-zero temperatures, but I managed to be safe, which is always a good thing beyond a certain age.

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