Careful What You Say, But Think What You Want

It’s ok to hold contrary views and opinions, except when it’s not. Actually, we live in a fairly buttoned-up time when it comes to tolerating alternative narratives about politics, economics, work, family relations, etc. If you don’t think so, try going against the grain once in a while.

I know only too well that “thinking outside the box” basically gets you left out in the cold, and marginalized. Or, you get the “whispers behind your back” treatment. No one really wants the actual moving out of the box, or new ways of doing things; they just like talking about it.

So, what to do? Do you sell out and compromise your values, or do you find a way to couch what you believe? Perhaps, what gets said is less important than what doesn’t.

I had a busy week, and one where the dissonance of what got said often was juxtaposed by what was occurring around me. These kinds of weeks are actually fairly common in my life.

There was also some amazing beauty, meaningful dialogue, and validation. I’m immensely grateful to the universe for this.

2 thoughts on “Careful What You Say, But Think What You Want

  1. Days would be easier if we all moved in the same direction, wouldn’t it? Dull, boring, mundane, but easier. I think the boxes need an earthquake.

    I hope you’ll never stop saying what you think and how you feel.

  2. Yes; I wish everyone saw the world just like me! Just kidding. 🙂

    I appreciate the endorsement. It is hard to stand alone at times, but sometimes you have no choice if you don’t want to sell out what matters, which in my way of thinking is your soul and your values.

    I saw your tweet about teaching an outdoor writing/blogging class with @MaineHunterErin this fall. That’s awesome and I’m thrilled you’ll be sharing your passion for the outdoors and encouraging others to experience it and communicate it to others through writing and blogging. Great stuff!

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