Claiming Your Deck Space

A month ago, I decided to take a break from writing about anything overtly political. I’m glad I did, as the last few weeks have allowed me to step away from the shrill pitch and tenor of our national debate about which candidate (s) is less tainted than the others. Today, I’ll covertly brush up alongside the topic, albeit briefly.

Be careful where you place your deck chair.

Be careful where you place your deck chair.

Whenever you frame things in an either/or paradigm, you severely limit possibilities for change. Merely mentioning “hope and change” won’t alter a thing, unless you open up a dialogue vastly different that the current one centered on maintaining the American status quo. To do so would require all of us (not just the “other side”) to dramatically reorient how we think and ultimately, how we live. No one (save for a few) are willing to do this. Instead, we’re left with re-arranging deck chairs, to reference one of my favorite writers/bloggers, John Michael Greer. I’d highly recommend this week’s post, about merely “rearranging the deck chairs,” once more. Better, bookmark The Archdruid Report, and spend some time working your way back through what I consider some of the most thoughtful writing out there on the interwebs, about our present malaise.

One thing that really resonated with me was when Greer touched on (in the comments section, no less) how rare it is these days to meet those “old-fashioned liberals of the pro-civil rights, pro-grassroots organization, ‘let’s roll up our sleeves together and make America a better place’ sort.” I’d concur.

Part of that is probably the fault of Mark Zuckerberg, with the rest of us shouldering our own share of the blame. Mere likes without action are never going to move the needle and stop our downward drift.

Neither will voting for four more years of what we’ve had for the past eight, or choosing a man who merely promises greatness, when most of our national vitality has been sapped by inaction and believing in quick fixes. There are no political revolutions on the horizon.

2 thoughts on “Claiming Your Deck Space

  1. Greer knows he is an accursed Cassandra, doomed to proclaim the truth to a people who simply will not allow it to be believed. For example, can you name a single person you know who truly understands how he is one of the blessed one percent? Endless bitching and whining about what consumer product he doesn’t have, with no recognition that every toy he has comes from the near labor of tens to hundreds of others who are deprived of any benefit from the raw materials of the earth they live on.

    I am always reminded of a few adages. From Greer, “Collapse now, avoid the rush.” From Kunstler, “Politicians are no longer in control, events are in control.” From Nicole Foss, “People are always waiting for the event, waiting to point to this stock market dip or this corporate collapse and say, This is where the end starts. But they are wrong. We already hit the iceberg. We hit the iceberg in 2006, and few understand how close the entire system came to total collapse in 2007. We are on a sinking ship already.”

    Cassandras, all. Doomed to proclaim the truth to those who will not hear.

  2. Sorry to add another sour quote to the ones provided by Loosehead Prop, but Jim Kunstler resonated with me yesterday (May 3) when he said (in regards to the excellent cast of presidential characters available) “All of this would be amusing if the USA wasn’t sliding into the twilight of what many people call ‘modernity’ — which is code for the techno-industrial hyper-complexity we’ve been enjoying lately as a species. We have yet to comprehend the diminishing returns of heaping more complexity on what is already too complex.”

    Indeed, Cassandras. Not that anyone knows their Greek mythology anymore.

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