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Last night, I had a drink with someone with a lot of tweets. He has lots of tweets he told me because he’s been tweeting for a long time and he got in while the tweeting was good. I got in after he did and I don’t have as many tweets, or people who follow my tweets.

Twitter matters, at least I’m told that by people with more tweets and people that follow their tweets. I’m ok with the tweets I have and the people who follow my tweets.

Content is king in today’s world of tweets and people who follow tweets. I was told that by the guy with more tweets than I have. I liked that he told me that.

“Being able to generate content that you own matters,” he said, or something to that effect; I wasn’t taping our interview.

Tape recorders are good for taping interviews.
Tape recorders are good for taping interviews.

I like doing interviews. My son, who has been having trouble getting his writing properly submitted of late, once told me that growing up, he felt like family dinners were like being interviewed by David Frost. Or was it David Foster Wallace? I can’t remember—that was a long time ago—memory fails us as we get older, and sometimes we just embellish.

A friend of mine asked me to write a recommendation for her on Linkedin. I’ve been real busy, so I forgot to write it until last night. In writing it, I remembered the first time we met. I was a nobody, trying to be somebody; that was almost 10 years ago. We were at a breakfast where business people only talk to people they know, but I had to talk to people I just introduced myself to over soggy scrambled eggs.  Most of them just went back to talking to the people they knew and their soggy scrambled eggs.

Another woman (I never wrote a recommendation for her) argued with me one time, telling me that Linkedin was better than tweets. She didn’t have a Twitter like I did. I told her she didn’t know what she was talking about. She didn’t recommend me on Linkedin or follow my tweets, either. Some business people don’t get Twitter.

I’ve been generating my own content since 2003.  Some people read it; I wish more people read it and tweeted about it and followed my tweets.

Maybe if I keep doing this for another 10 years, I’ll have more people reading my content and following my tweets?

2 thoughts on “Content for People Who Tweet

  1. I thought I got Twitter. I’ve started, built and sold two successful businesses. 5,015 tweets later, I find out I don’t get Twitter. Saying business people don’t get Twitter is like saying writers don’t get Twitter. It’s also saying writers are not business people. This is going to make tax season a lot easier. 😉

  2. Robin,

    So I generalized.

    The post was meant to be a little lighter than most. Some writers get Twitter. Some don’t.

    My experience with business leaders in Maine (and in other places) leads me to believe that many of them don’t. If you meet with business people and they’re always saying, “I don’t get Twitter,” or they’re not on Twitter, then I’d hazard a guess that they don’t get Twitter.

    Twitter might be the most enigmatic of the three major social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) that I think businesses should be leveraging. It’s short and about being concise; not my strong points. But I’m adapting.

    But then again, I may be biased.

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