Do what you love to do

It’s important to know what you’re good at. Being crystal clear about your strengths and abilities will help you better position and market those qualities when you need to sell them to a potential employer, or get in the door with a project you’re pitching.

Sometimes, however, being good at something becomes an anchor for us—if you’ve always been in sales, at some point in your work career, you might just move from one sales gig to another because it’s easy and the money’s good. That’s the flip side of only considering what you’re good at.

I like to mix what I’m good at with what I enjoy doing. All things being equal, if you can find a match for your skills and enjoy doing the work at the same time, then that becomes the perfect storm for finding employment fulfillment.

Keep in mind that sometimes, you’ll have to do what you’re good at a wee bit longer, even if you don’t really like what you’re currently doing. This will allow you in the not-too-distant future to slide into something that doesn’t really feel much like work because it will be something that you love to do; like writing and publishing for me.

Speaking of writing and publishing, make sure you check out the interview I did with Margaret Hansen at; it’s out in their latest Career Connections newsletter that goes out to employers. It’s a nice profile of me and how I got into publishing and how I’m now leveraging it to do new things, while staying true to my passion and DIY bent.