End-of-year Blog Settings

Re-calibrating my blog settings.

Re-calibrating my blog settings.

After publishing like clockwork for 50+ weeks since last year at this time (I think I’ve varied twice), the week following Christmas finds my blog schedule set on “random.”

How was everyone’s holiday? Despite my downer post, pre-Christmas, I actually rallied Christmas Eve and managed to keep the cheer rolling through Christmas Day. Perhaps it was my sister’s Baumer Bingo and assorted prizes (although, I came up empty). It might have been my ability to “screw up” whatever emotion is called for, whether I’m “feeling it,” or not. It might have simply been the magic of Cointreau and some holiday cocktails I tossed together over the two days of our holiday celebration.

Spending December 25th at the beach was a new experience. Miss Mary and I drove to Popham Beach State Park, along with what seemed to be everyone else in Southern Maine, as 60 degree December weather doesn’t happen every year on Christmas. Cars were lining the road as we approached the park gate (locked, as all park personnel had the day off). Many others decided to take their afternoon celebrations to the seashore.

I’ll likely not publish any new content on Tuesday. With the news fast still in effect, and Miss Mary taking a few days off from the work grind, the two of us will likely be out and about much of the week between our Christmas and New Year’s Day. That’s when we’ll be braving winter water temps for our Lobster Dip, January 1, ringing in 2016—and it’s for a good cause, too!

My next major post is likely to be by annual book round-up. I’ll be wrapping up my 2015 reading selections with a few thoughts on the various books read. Once again, I hit and exceeded my three-books-per-month reading goal for the year. Here’s a look back at last year’s prodigious reading record. This year fell slightly short of that but not by a lot.

No white Christmas this year.

No white Christmas this year.

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  1. Temps here were in the 80s, some low 90s. Unseasonable weather as well. Just like you, my daughter went to the beach on Christmas Day.

    But as for the dip in the Gulf of Maine on New Year’s Day, better you than me! Best of luck.

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