Finding Balance

Do you remember walking the balance beam in elementary school? While the beam was only inches off the ground, it was daunting for some, more than others. The students who were able to walk the length of the beam were able to focus on the task at hand and concentrate.

Could genetics be in play, here? It’s possible.

A person’s balance is enhanced by three things: the part of the inner ear called the vestibular system; sensory nerves in your muscles, tendons, and joints; and your eyesight. People with better balance are likely able to coordinate these three things. Balance is likely a combination of genetics and also training.

I’ve never been very good on a skateboard. I also wear glasses, so it’s possible my balancing abilities are negatively impacted by my eyesight.

I was never very good on a skateboard.

I was never very good on a skateboard.

I have part-time work where I spend some of my week with seniors. I’ve become keenly aware that as we age, we are more prone to diseases that affect our vision—like cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration. Then, there are those that affect our feet and legs, along with vestibular degeneration.

There are other physical issues that are problematic, too.

Are you sitting around all day? Americans are more sedentary than ever. Get up periodically—stand up, move, and stretch. This article is worth reading—with some great tips that I’ve incorporated into my work day. Could you make them part of your daily routine?

I follow the news and try to stay current on what’s happening around me. Sometimes, I have to switch off the idiot box, however. There’s only so much negativity that I can take and without becoming a downer. Actually, I don’t get much of my current events programming via the television. Radio news and the internet can be just as bad. Don’t be an ideological crank.

How adept are you at maintaining some separation from drama and controversy? Probably not as skilled as you ought to be.

Turn off the television, close your laptop, get out of your chair, stand on one leg, and admire something in nature today. That would be a great first step towards bringing some balance into your life.

4 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. Truth and a great coach to those of us that may be hypnotized by the life style of ease and convenience often mistaken for happy. Good on you JB

  2. @Jon Thanks for dropping by. Growth (physical or spiritual) and wisdom require commitment and time, which flies in the face of our drive-thru culture. Edwin Friedman wrote that we should foster “responsibility for one’s own being and destiny” over feelings, sensitivity, and rights. Any yet, what are we drowning in—feeling, sensitivity, and rights.

    Interesting video (short) on his ideas about effective leadership.

  3. @Sally There is certainly beauty all around us. Not sure I’d concur that “there is beauty in everything.” Not to split hairs, but some things are just plain ugly—like strip malls and big box stores. But yes, I get your point about taking time to find the beauty, which is part of maintaining balance.

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