Fluff it Up

It’s Friday and time for another post. It seems that a pile of jeremiads are stacking up, on a variety of topics germane to the news cycle at the moment. First and foremost in my ever-growing slush pile of things to blog about is the lying mainstream media. I also jotted down a bunch of stuff the other day about the mayoral run-off that happened Tuesday, one town over.

Again, the media’s misinformation was central to some of my concerns—not the least being national reporters meddling around where they have no business treading, and even less understanding of local matters. Hacks like this one—elitists really—love to belittle places like Lewiston (aka, Trumpland, Maine) and the people that live there. Voters voting for a candidate she can’t understand from her urban zip code? Call them stupid, ignorant, or wracked with fear. But anyone keeping score knows journalism now equals propaganda, at least coming from the driveby set.

But since we are in the midst of the holiday season—even though it doesn’t feel like Christmas to me—I’m going to defer writing about topics that divide and keep it light. Maybe I’ll start a tradition of easier-on-the-eyes and lower stress blogging on Friday—call it something like Fluffernutter Friday. Apparently the sandwich of the same name has a New England backstory.

Fridays are for Fluffernutters.

Fridays are for Fluffernutters.

Speaking of lighter, and maybe happier fare—later today, I’ll be on a train headed south, to Boston. At 7:30, I’ll be in my seat at TD Garden for the Celtics tip-off.

I usually attend one game per year in-person. It’s rare that my son isn’t sitting to my left or right. He’s the one who scored the tix for the hottest home game of the young basketball season.

Steph Curry is a freak

Steph Curry is scary good.

If you’ve been living under a rock or don’t follow The Association, the Celts’ opponent, the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors, roll into Boston Friday night with a 23-0 record. No post-championship letdown for these guys. Stephen Curry, their exciting guard, is considered a prime candidate for league MVP. The guy was pretty damn good last year. Unbelievably, he seems to have improved every aspect of his game over the summer. Hope he doesn’t’ go off for 40+ against the good guys in green.

This afternoon, after disembarking at North Station, I plan to walk over to Union Oyster House for a drink and some chowder. It’s a thing with me when I’m in Boston, and I haven’t been in a while.

Happy thoughts, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Fluff it Up

  1. I have been living under a rock….however, I would like to focus on the actual peanut butter/jelly question and fluff.

    When I was a kid I loved fluff and when I was in college there was nothing like a big gob of it on the top of a hot cup of cocoa.

    Now it is an occasional dab of peanut butter and jelly on toast in the am.

    As far as the Christmas season…..it can be tough…..I just try to think of the things I am grateful for and there are actually lots. One thing I try to do is tell people how much they mean to me and really take the time to stop and take in their face and expression on it. I want people to know they matter and that I appreciate them….even people I don’t know well but make my Subway sandwich, ring me up at Wal-Mart, stand next to me in the grocery store…thanking them more specifically and/or saying something nice or just chatting for a moment, acknowledging that though we may not know each other I “see” them.

    I know this is not original but I think kindness is like a pebble thrown into the water….it makes ripples and travels….that is how I want to be at Christmas Time ,kind, and hopefully as much as possible throughout the year.

  2. Somehow I hear Dick Vitale shouting, “FLUFF IT UP, BABY!”

    And a train to Boston, too. Ain’t that just the coolest. Time for an upset.

  3. @Sally Pre-paleo, any combo with peanut butter had me. Toast w/ PB & J was a nice default for breakfast.

    Actually, a lot of people love Christmas and the holidays. Not sure why they always leave me conflicted and experiencing periods where I feel maudlin about it all. Saturday night, Mary and I attended a really nice holiday party and then, next weekend, it’s the Tarazewich Christmas gathering, so I’m probably trending in the right direction (I hope).

    @LP It was an amazing game. Celts gave it their all, but Curry and the Warriors were ultimately too much—although the guys in green extended them to two OTs. I guess Boston softened them up just enough so the lackluster Milwaukee Bucks got to have the honor (undeserved IMHO) of ending the streak Saturday night. Those NBA back-to-backs are brutal, especially coming at the end of a long east coast road trip for Golden State. They’ll likely begin another roll.

    Celts impressed me after being equally gassed, traveling down to Charlotte and knocking off a tough Hornets club, on the road. That’s a very positive sign for this team and their potential.

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