Hot in Cleveland

I’ve never been to Cleveland. I did drive a U-Haul truck through the middle of the city on a couple of occasions between Mike Pence’s Indiana and Maine. They tell me that the GOP is having their convention in the place where rock and roll is lionized, at least by the arbiters at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I do remember a night from Cleveland’s past, filled with smoke and burning records. That took place at a strange intersection where baseball and disco came together—at a stadium by the lake that’s a mere memory.

Rock and Roll and disco are like oil and water.

Rock and Roll and disco are like oil and water.

Not much to say today, at least nothing that I can say that won’t get me on the wrong side of the PC fence from the real fascists and censors.

I did have the strangest of dreams last night. I was at the Democratic National Convention and I was supporting Hillary in the most lukewarm sort of ways. Oddly, she had morphed from the frumpy and shrill, to slender (in a female volleyball player’s body) and unassuming. All the attendees were pudgy white males and women worshiping their queen. Bernie Sanders’ gang were not present, so no graying ponytails.

Until I can come up with a blog post about the weather, cars, or biking to work, this one will have to suffice.

3 thoughts on “Hot in Cleveland

  1. Greg and I were in Cleveland recently and enjoyed a couple of hours at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Next visit we’ll allow more time to read through all the displays and watch the many videos. The museum featured famous musicians, as well as lesser known acts. Sort of a mix between walking down memory lane and making great discoveries.

  2. @Mary That’s good to know. Cleveland is one of those Rust Belt cities that has been forced to reinvent itself with the demise of large scale manufacturing. Much like Detroit (and other similar Midwestern cities), Cleveland is finding a younger demographic drawn to its urban core.

  3. When our daughter was in high school we took her to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also. My husband and Mary who are major music fans loved it. We had a hotel room close enough to walk there and at night were close to the baseball stadium. I can still hear the booming sounds when a home run was hit. We loved it and enjoyed the restaurants close by. You would find lots to enjoy, Jim and find plenty to write about.

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