I Don’t Want to Hear It

We all have opinions. Most of us have strongly-held ones. The desire to share my opinions, as well as some of what I thought was foundational information behind those opinions, were reasons why I started blogging back in 2003.

I still have opinions. Many of them have evolved over time. Having an opinion and sharing it is also seems fraught with danger, 12 years later. Now, I’m less likely to add my two cents worth to whatever battle is being waged over symbols, or people’s preferences.

Being hesitant to weigh-in on the Battle Royale raging at the moment also leaves a limited amount of topics to write about at times, or so it seems. Also, that’s what Facebook and Twitter are for. Spending time wasting words via a blog seems so 2006. No one seems interested anymore in reading several hundred words. 140-character tweets are now de riguer with the cool kids holding court, ruling the turf formerly held by bloggers. Who cares if they have nothing behind their prattle except their strongly held opinions?

"La, La, La, La..."

“La, La, La, La…”

My previous post touched down on binary thinking. I’ve mentioned the topic enough before. I won’t go there again today. I will only say that our inability to have a dialogue on a variety of tough subjects, even those deemed by our arbiters as “controversial,” doesn’t bode well for us. Screaming louder than your foes, or using your newly-found majority status doesn’t indicate rightness, either.

Perhaps I’ll just blog about the weather and puppies—no one is opposed to sun and cuteness, right?

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Hear It

  1. The content of your post in a way is what I have been thinking about, sort of, the last couple of days. I wonder sometimes about being valued for what I know and what I have learned AND the passion of still wanting to contribute despite roadblocks of almost every sort. I find, like it has always been that appearance, stature in your occupation and other’s assumptions still tend to be a real draw. Years of experience simply by being alive, mixed with hard work, and dedication of heart seem not to matter and it can bring one down and sometimes even make one feel resentful.

    So what does a person do? What do I do? I guess stay in a funk for awhile….maybe spend some time in the sun and pat my cats and continue on.

  2. Well, it was 97 here the other day, with humidity that makes puttering around feel like swimming. You know those seed packets that say a plant takes “full sun?” Down here, that means maybe two hours a day, morning sun preferred because afternoon sun is a killer once the temperature has reached the 90s.

    What does a person do? Mulch. Lots and lots of oak mulch. Cats like it, too, convenient for outdoor littering.

  3. @Sally When people are only valued by things like degrees and measures of status that only further the status quo, how can life be any different than it’s currently configured. There are many talented people who have just quit on themselves because no one was able to look beyond the standardized ways of assessment. Time in the sun is always a good thing!

    @LP Perhaps time in the sun may not be the best thing for you, however, at this time of the year. Happy mulching!

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