Lobster Rolling 2014 (Fishermen’s Net)

A damn fine midday meal at Fishermen's Net.

A damn fine midday meal at Fishermen’s Net.

It was a good day for the JBE, so he decided to celebrate with a lobster roll. Tried to get my partner in crime to join me, but Miss Mary had other fish to fry.

I’m rolling with lobster rolls again, or as I like to say, “it’s lobster roll season” and I’m out and about sampling Maine’s finest.

I actually broke that line out about lobster roll season on some tourists visiting Portland and they seemed to like it.

We all know this is subjective and there’s no end to opinions about who has the best. If you need a primer on what I use in scoring my visits, check out this post about our last lobster roll ) excursion to Becky’s Diner. That one also involved some locally-brewed beer.

I made a return visit to Fishermen’s Net (on Yelp, it’s listed as Fishermen’s Grill—a prior incarnation?) My maiden visit (with Miss Mary) was back in 2012; I also added an update. Their website also indicates that they are Fishermen’s Grill. (So what is their name?)

Here’s what I wrote at the time as a Yelp reviewer.

Decided I wanted a lobster roll for lunch as my wife and I headed out to celebrate the 4th of July. We were headed to OOB, but I wanted to try the lobster rolls at Fishermen’s Net (or Fishermen’s Grill as listed here on Yelp).

We both ordered the small lobster roll and clam chowder combo which was $20. Both were great. The chowder was loaded with clams and had a really nice flavor, although I wished it was slightly warmer.

The lobster roll was killer. I had heard that the Fishermen’s Net, a rather unassuming eatery on the wrong end of Forest Avenue (as in, the opposite direction from Casco Bay) had great seafood and excellent lobster rolls.

My wife and I both agreed that the lobster rolls were some of the best we’ve tried. Not much mayo and  the lobster meat was plentiful and so flavorful, almost sweet. The roll, the traditional hot dog roll, lightly buttered and grilled was perfect. The roll had a bit of lettuce as a bed for the lobster meat, something my wife isn’t a fan of but I’m fine with as long as it’s not excessive, which it wasn’t.

Next to Red’s Eats, the lobster roll at the Fishermen’s Net was the best I’ve had the past two years.

[note: just went back and upgraded to 5 stars because for a nondescript seafood place on the “wrong” end of Forest Avenue, and for lobster rolls other than Red’s Eats, this place is “as good as it gets” for great seafood sans the frills.-jb]

Nothing remarkably new to report. Some new photos posted (they’re not great thanks to the crappy photo capabilities of my Android phone). The roll is nearly perfect. A buttered, toasted hot dog bun (without having to ask). Ample amounts of fresh lobster meat, with no mayonnaise that I could taste (I should have asked). The basic roll was 4.5 ounces, which was more than ample, as I added a cup of clam chowder for an additional $2.00.

Fishermen's Net sign.

Not a fancy location, but one fine lobster roll guaranteed.

Again, I could have gone without the lettuce bed at the base of my bun, but I’m not going to dock them for it. This is a damn fine, no frills lobster roll stop. Nice to see on a return visit that they’re still delivering one of the best lobster rolls in greater-Portland.

Loved that when I showed up at 11:55, there was already a line waiting for the door to be unlocked at noon.

You know you have a killer product when you aren’t even sure what your name is, but people are lining up at your door. Fishermen’s Net (or Grill) definitely‘s got it going when it comes to lobster rolls and I’m told, haddock sandwiches, too.


4 thoughts on “Lobster Rolling 2014 (Fishermen’s Net)

  1. I wish I were as excited about lobster rolls as you, so I could comment wittily about this post. I’ve never even stopped at Red’s Eats. I do love mayonnaise, will that help me? Maybe you could do a post about how you began your love affair with the lobster roll, or maybe you did? Something for the beginner, some tips on how to begin. Maybe address the ugly “cockroach of the sea” comment often made by those with a Levitical perspective on crustaceans.

    • My excitement extends to lobster rolls, but anyone with some writing talent can detail whatever their journey or quest happens to be.

      Interestingly, I don’t think I’d ever eaten a lobster roll until about 5 years ago. What was wrong with me?

      Lobsters are referred to by many as “bugs.” Not sure if I’ll go the Levitical route, however, during LR season 2014.

  2. Mr B I can’t wait to experience lots of lobster rolls with you this summer! I’m hungry and wish I could have a lobster roll right now! xoxox Miss Mary

  3. @Mrs. B
    Another season of lobster rolling, and other summer in Maine adventures, together (and a tri, or two). The way life should be, eh?

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