Maybe I’ll Get Training Wheels

Four years ago, I had a nasty bike accident. I went over the handlebars on a road with broken pavement and I now have a scar on my chin that I cover with a goatee.

What mitigated the damage of that crash was being properly outfitted; the gloves I was wearing saved severe hand abrasions when I planted before hitting my chin. I was wearing a helmet that day and I always do when cycling/biking.

Hundreds of miles later and a few minor mishaps, I had another accident last night.

One mile from home, I was climbing a hill, standing on my pedals when the chain locked/caught and down I went. This time, it was on my left side, but the first impact with the pavement was on the left side of my head. I can’t articulate how hard I hit my head–it took the brunt of my fall. I cracked my bike helmet, but it did what it was designed to do—protect my melon and my brain.

If you bike, wear a helmet.

If you bike, wear a helmet.

A driver saw me go down and she pulled off the road and came back to check on me. Ironically, it was our neighbor. My bike was fine and I declined a ride and peddled home to assess the damage.

I’m badly bruised (left hip) and last night was tough sleeping. I have pain in my left breastbone and it’s hard to take a deep breath without pain (bruised ribs?). However, without my helmet, I don’t think I’d be here this morning typing this post.

I am going to see my doctor later this morning to get checked over, but I think I’m ok, just sore and will probably have to take a few days off from biking, swimming, and running. Then, it’s back to normal.

Wear a helmet and protect your head. Your brain will thank you.

My helmet is cracked, but not my head.

My helmet is cracked, but not my head.

Inside view of cracked helmet.

Inside view of cracked helmet.

4 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll Get Training Wheels

  1. Just goes to show how accidents can happen no matter how cautious we are. You truly were “saved by the Bell”.

    • Carol,

      Yes indeed. Both of my bike accidents happened in a blink of an eye so there wasn’t much to do but ride out the process and hope to be able to pick myself up. I’m fortunate, and my Bell helmet did it’s job.

  2. And people say lifting weights is dangerous!

    I’m glad to hear you’re just a bit battered and bruised, and nothing worse. These are the scars that show you tried something and didn’t stay home in front of the tube.

    BTW, I’ve got a scar on my chin, too.

    • I think I remember how you got that scar, LP.

      The biggest frustration for me this morning was that I couldn’t get out and get my run in.

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