Mending fences

Do you need to do some fence-mending?

Do you need to do some fence-mending?

Strife and conflict seem to be the twins that fuel many people. For these types, there’s always an “issue” or some Henny Penny kind of conspiracy to get behind and wind others up about. Most of the time these people make it their place to ruin your day. Conflict makes the world go round, at least it does seem to be central in the lives of many that’s for sure.

I’ve certainly done my share of hand-wringing, and I can monger and fog the fear with the best of them. My choice these days, more often than not, is avoiding these two old friends. Instead, I’d rather focus my energies and talents on things I can control, rather than just talking about a problem that I have no intention of solving, or lack the capacity to change.

Bringing that mindset into my relationships has borne fruit of late. It’s easier to go along to get along, or at least not look for things to argue about.

Are there people in your life that you should extend an olive branch to? How about doing it today?

Life’s too short to be experiencing dissonance with family, friends, or even co-workers.

Make peace, not war.