Obama’s Got a Twitter

Well, it’s official. The president has a Twitter account. Great to see @POTUS yucking it up with @billclinton about Hillary’s run to be Obama’s successor.

This is big news in a nation where we no longer have the means and the will to fix our roads, bridges, or other infrastructure. No, let’s just reduce everything to 140 characters and be done with it.

President's on Twitter.

President’s on Twitter.

The bar continues being lowered.

No surprise, really. Just another day and more signs signifying the death of the culture.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Got a Twitter

  1. This “news” is misleading. Barack Obama has had a twitter account for some time, managed by his “staff.” Now, he’s going to be tweeting “on his own” under the handle @POTUS. His first tweet hints at the insincerity of past twitter communications when he says “It’s Barack. Really.” Really? OK, so the other handles aren’t “really” him. The New York Times says “the promise of the new @POTUS handle is something different.”


    This is the news of the world. Glad we got that straightened out this morning.

    Twitter is like high school–I hope POTUS will sign my yearbook. It’s @aunttomato.

  2. @JAB What passes for “news” is worthless.

    Today’s Dictionary.com Word of the Day is tatterdemalion. It’s an adjective meaning ragged; unkempt or dilapidated. Perfect descriptor for the U.S.

    No POTUS tweet is capable of changing that.

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