Prius in a Ditch

I was actually going to write about hipsters, Portland’s food fixation, with a doughnut comparison (the holy kind vs. the German variety) thrown in for good measure—along with a few other things I’ve observed in my travels in and out of Forest City the past two weeks.

The post, which I cobbled together last night felt half-baked. Then, I got called out at 5:15 this morning at my part-time gig and didn’t get home in time to really do the necessary work to reinforce my narrative infrastructure.

Of course, the roads were a bit slippery this morning, as they were when I set out south @ 5:30. I had no trouble navigating them in my Ford Taurus, V-6 engine and all. I attribute this to my studded Nokian Hakkapellitta’s and my experience navigating snow and ice-covered roadways.

Just north of Bradbury Mountain on my return, I saw fire trucks and the boys from Pownal’s FD directing traffic on Route 9. There was a Prius in the ditch. How appropriate.

I managed to make my way through and couldn’t snap a photo without appearing to be a loon. I don’t believe it had a “Feel the Bern” bumper sticker, but I’m not certain.

Prius unable to navigate slippery Route 9.

Prius unable to navigate slippery Route 9.

You’ll have to be okay with my stock photo from the intewebs instead.

Oh, and I’ll be doing some additional work on my hipster post for the future.

5 thoughts on “Prius in a Ditch

  1. I didn’t see many Prius automobiles in Aroostook County this week. That’s not to say they weren’t there; I just didn’t see them. I did see an Amish buggy (horse drawn) clopping up Main Street in Presque Isle early Wednesday morning. No “feel the Bern” sticker on it, though.

  2. You know it’s rarely the car, almost always the driver. I despised the fools in big SUVs in the south (DC or Atlanta), supercharged with “Ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ me, I got 4WD,” littering intersections and thoroughfares with the debris of their monsters as they forgot that 4WD doesn’t brake you on 1/2 inch of snow on top of ice, and it ain’t worth squat when you’re sliding sideways. Slow and steady, overconfidence will kill you.

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