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Did you know that today is National Read a Book Day? I happened to catch a segment on the morning news about it and that print books still outsell books downloaded to digital devices.

The key to reading for me has always been having a book worth reading. When you have “that special book,” time stands still and the cares of the world often seem further away.

Being Mortal-Gawande

I spent my Labor Day reading Atul Gawande’s marvelous book, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End. This was the book everyone was talking about in the senior/aging in place world I inhabited back in 2014. Thanks to Miss Mary (who had the book because of her book club), I started flipping through Gawande’s bestseller and before I knew it, I found the book nearly impossible to put down.

Some benefits of reading:

  1. Reading stimulates the mind.
  2. Reading reduces stress.
  3. Reading enhances and expands your vocabulary.
  4. Your memory is improved by reading.
  5. You’ll be a better writer if you’re a reader.

Yes, there are obvious perks to being a reader.

My own reading volume has been diminished over the summer. However, I just cranked out three books over the past three weeks, all of them outstanding reads. Once again, a point I’ve made before numerous times to promote reading, has been brought home to me—finding the right book is half the battle in reading.

2 thoughts on “Read a Book

  1. I have always loved reading. Nothing like escaping into a book and another place with people you get invited to get to know and visit places you have never been. I have been collecting novels written with the setting at the turn of the century and through WW II and am enjoying them immensely.

    I have a small notebook where I have written the titles and authors and am starting with the back end of the alphabet first of my new little collection (been collecting them off Amazon for a penny plus shipping) and have acquired quite the little library….makes it even more fun for me.

    The right book at the right time is also important I think too.

    Thanks for this blog to start my day!

  2. Your regular call to read over your years of blogging has been an encouragement to me. In 2015, I read only 9 books and thought “wow, not good.” So far this year, I’ve read 17 books and have picked up my 18th. Sure, not all of them are “significant” but just getting in the practice of regular reading has been a bit of peace in an uncertain world. From doing some historical research, I’ve started reading what was a 1950 bestseller and it’s interesting to see how “pop writing” has changed over time.

    I’m looking forward to your “year in review of books!”

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