Red Boots

I love things that are iconic. If something is iconic, it has staying power. In Maine, some iconic items/products might be Moxie, maple syrup, lobster rolls, and of course, the L.L. Bean hunting shoe.

Last Saturday, at the end of the Red Sox rolling tour of Boston by duck boat, Jonny Gomes draped the 617 jersey on top of the World Series trophy, in a symbolic gesture that epitomized the team—it’s also another reason why fans loved this bunch. Would the love be as strong without their going all the way? Probably not, although even if they ended the year with 90 wins and a wild card slot, Red Sox Nation would have been talking about this group.

Jonny Gomes rocking his new, red LL Bean Boots (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Jonny Gomes, setting trends and rocking his new, red LL Bean Boots (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

The 617 jersey that the team had created became a sort of talisman and it was hung in the dugout before each game to remember the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing—it was also another thing that this group of over-achievers rallied around and demonstrated they were a different group of cats from the previous few seasons of Sox’ diamond dogs.

Back to Jonny Gomes and the color red; if you noticed Gomes’ feet like I did during his laying of the jersey (along with Jarrod Saltalamacchia), he was wearing a pair of styling red boots. When I saw them on Saturday, I thought, “those look like Bean boots,” thinking they were a red pair of Bean knock-offs; they weren’t.

Last night, reading the L.L. Bean blog (gotta’ love a major American retailer that gives good  blog), I learned that Gomes’ boots were in fact an “extremely limited-edition [pair of] 2013 World Champion Boots” designed and sized specifically for the Red Sox team and staff by LL Bean’s expert boot-builders in Brunswick, Maine. Each pair of boots features a special commemorative logo and the company says that they’ll never be sold. According to the company, “It’s our way of saying ‘Thanks’ for all the Fenway memories to each and every member of the team.” Pretty cool.

According to a similar article on the ESPN website, Steve Fuller, the chief marketing officer for L.L. Bean, responded to a tweet asking if the boots would go on sale, with this:

“We’ll never sell those exact boots,” he said. “But the red version will be available end of January. (Maine factory is swamped).”

Interesting; does that mean they’ll be a slightly different version of the red boot available to the public? Inquiring minds (and I’m sure, Red Sox fans) want to know!

Special, red, Red Sox Bean boots, made in Brunswick, Maine.

Special, red, Red Sox Bean boots, made in Brunswick, Maine.