Scripting Your Life

Is it possible to script your own life? Can you put things into play that lead to the outcomes you desire?

When I used to do workforce development, which involved training and preparing individuals for employment, I was amazed by how many of our trainees’ lives were out of control. Poor choices in men, past employment decisions that marred resumes, the permanent altering of aspects of their bodies, and criminal histories, all severely limited many in the choice of work we could train them for. There are reasons why some jobs pay $9/hour, while others pay $20.

Setting off in a certain direction 10 years ago, I had a global sense of where I wanted to go. My primary goal at the time was leaving the place where I was working—at Moscow Mutual—embarking on a life of writing. Looking back on 2004 from my current vantage point, I am amazed by how few of the specifics I had figured out at that moment in time in respect to reaching this point on the timeline of my life—for instance, I had no clue about what a gap analysis was.

While details were sketchy back then, I’ve figured out many things over the past decade. I now set clear goals, with specific steps laid out and a timeline for reaching them. My attitude is more positive—not in a dreamy “I hope I can do it” sort of way—but in the sense of “setting my face like flint” towards what I want to achieve and making sure I’m checking off the details as I go along. That’s how articles get placed, project work acquired and completed, and books get written. It’s the key to success if you are a 21st century freelancer.

I don’t believe in any ethereal “if you believe it you can achieve” it magic. Much of success is hard work and learning how to roll with adversity and time spent at the bottom of the roller coaster ride called life.

I’m amazed, however, by how many things have turned out very much like I laid them out on a sheet of paper—almost like I was scripting my own life.

Life not working out like you thought it would—check your script!

Jim Baumer is a Maine-based writer, consultant, and baseball umpire. He’s the author of four books, including his latest, “The Perfect Number: Essays & Stories, Vol. I,” where he writes about life in small town Maine and his adventures at Moscow Mutual. He blogs regularly at The Jim Baumer Experience.