Season to Season

One of these days, it’s going to start feeling like the season called spring that began last Friday. Not only hasn’t it been very warm over the past few days, the winds of March have made it feel like we’re still in the grip of winter’s icy claws. Of course, this stretch of March has some checkered history.

Actually, Saturday wasn’t too bad. Compared to Sunday’s wind-tunnel-of-a-day, the upper 30s made my run in the morning quite pleasant. Miss Mary actually coaxed me out for a 5-miler. Knock on wood, my leg and hip issues from last year at this time seem to be in my rearview mirror.

I’m sure it won’t be long before I can put away my heavy field coat, ax, and not spend part of each day chopping and lugging firewood to fill the wood box. I’ll be able put my fire-building skills away, too—save for an occasional fire in the ole’ fire pit this summer.

May flowers

April showers will give way to May flowers.

Mainers welcome spring because the season signifies the end of winter and its bone-chilling cold. Actually, in my book, spring’s the season most like the girl in high school that was the biggest tease. I much prefer early-to-mid fall myself. I’ll also take those summer days when it’s about 85 and the humidity is barely present.

Regardless of whether it’s 24 at Noon (like it was yesterday), or 80 and sunny, I’m trying to appreciate each and every day, trying to find its best qualities because our days don’t last forever. In fact, according to this Christian Science Monitor article, spring’s about 30 seconds shorter this year and getting shorter each successive one, so take advantage of it!

One thought on “Season to Season

  1. I think this winter was much more enjoyable than last. There were “things to do” almost every day. Pushing snow, keeping roofs raked…these activities made the time pass quickly for me. I think often of something you said at one of our winter afternoon cake salons…”I don’t want to wish away time.”

    Same here Live each day well.

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