Skating Away

On Saturday morning, the thermometer near our mudroom entrance read minus 20. That’s cold! On Monday afternoon that same thermometer was reading 50 degrees, a remarkable shift of 70 degrees in two and a half days.

We are experiencing greater extremes and fluctuations in our weather. Both sides on the issue of climate change attempt to use this to score points in their favor. If inclined to trust in science, the data indicates that something’s up with our weather.

Monday’s brief respite from the bone-chilling cold was brief; with the fall of darkness, the mercury began another plunge southward and by the time I retired for the night, the temperature was below freezing and heading lower.

The ponded water on the roads was expected to turn them into the equivalent of skating rinks. Maine governor, Paul LePage, along with local police chiefs, were urging drivers to stay off the roads. I obliged and called in, deciding to forgo a dangerous journey home after moonlighting for the evening.

The winter of 2013-14 continues to be a trying and continually shifting one.