Storm prep

Snow's coming; get your water, bread, and toilet paper.

Snow’s coming; get your water, bread, and toilet paper.

It’s a certainty. We’re going to get a lot of snow. As a result, civilization in the northeastern United States began powering down two days ago. 

I watch WMTW-8 and their “weather in the first 8 minutes” religiously. Matt Zidle made no mention of a historic storm Sunday, or even Monday. In fact, no local weather forecast even hinted at a major storm until Wednesday, when we began hearing about a major “weather event” being on the way.

Of course, Mainers and most New Englanders then went into storm prep, which meant a run on the supermarkets and lines at gas stations.

I think it’s safe to say that most commerce and work in general will be on low power today.

Check out Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s 4:00 pm news presser from yesterday. No, it’s not Saturday Night Live.

When did snow in the northeastern United States become such a major event necessitating a press conference, telling people what anyone with an ounce of common sense should already know?

We’re having a snowstorm. We’re not being invaded by a Martian army.

Despite our advanced state of technology, weather is still capable of bringing life to a standstill.


2 thoughts on “Storm prep

  1. I think Governor Patrick is making plans for a reality Tee Vee show in the future.

    I think this video clip is a good example of the planet dying or as Kunstler likes to say “The Long Emergency.”

    Sometimes, you just have to laugh to keep from crying.

    • That’s what Wilma Delay used to tell me back when we worked together at Westville Correctional Center. Actually, the woman fanning herself in behind the governor bears a resemblance to Ms. Delay, although Wilma never had a fan like that one. She would often use whatever piece of paper or cardboard was nearby to cool herself down while she was setting up her med cart prior to medicating the residents of the infirmary where we both worked.

      Interestingly, the only two times I’ve been stranded at work due to “weather events,” was at Westville Correctional Center in 1984, and the old Pineland Center in New Gloucester, just after Miss Mary and I were married and we were both working there.

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