Taking care of your customers

Tires are important–they are what keeps your car in contact with the road and the basis of a smooth, comfortable ride.

I rely on my tires a lot. When you put on in excess of 20K miles a year, having your tires at peak performance is essential. I’m also a stickler about how my car rides.

This week, I’ve noticed some tire “chatter” that wasn’t there before, especially at highway speeds in excess of 65 mph. Today was the day this week when I had a window of time to take care of my tire issue; otherwise, it would be another week, at least and I’d start to get a bit annoyed knowing that something wasn’t right with my tires.

Lee’s Tire & Service in Brunswick have been my tire guys since 1989. They’ve taken care of other mechanical problems and car-related issues, whether my car was four years old and no longer on warranty, or one of several “beaters” I’ve owned that got me to my next, better-conditioned vehicle. They know me by name, which is always nice when dealing with a garage, also.

Lee’s knows how important vehicles are for Mainers. In a state that has few public transportation options, Lee’s always makes sure my car is in tip-top shape.

Most of the time when I need service at Lee’s, it’s relative to my four tires. Their protocol for tires is first come, first served. I get there at 7:30 when they open, chit chat with Wayne, or their other service advisors, and then sit in the waiting area until their mechanics start work at 8:00. I’m rarely there for more than an hour for basic tire services.

I used to bring a book, or a magazine to read, sneaking a peek at the always-on television that’s standard waiting-room fare. They’ve recently added Wi-Fi, so this morning, I got all my business-related emails out and out of the way–just one more way that Lee’s takes care of their customers.

It all seems pretty simple, really, but apparently it’s not because many businesses don’t deliver the same level of customer service that Lee’s has been offering their customers for years.

Here’s four things that Lee’s has mastered.

  • Provide value

  • Offer great service

  • Make it easy on the customers

  • Go the extra mile

Other businesses should familiarize themselves with this list.