The Land of Confusion

It’s Saturday (not Friday). I’ve been consistent about posting on Tuesdays/Fridays. I’ve remained steadfast about that schedule, because that’s how self-imposed deadlines work.

As a freelance writer, I’ve always been proud of delivering on (and prior) to agreed-upon deadlines. Occasionally, I’ve had to ask an editor—usually someone I’ve developed a relationship with over time—for an extension. I guess blogging and self-imposed deadlines allow some flexibility, too.

Questions about content?

Questions about content?

There have actually been several topics I’ve wanted to weigh-in about. A couple I was tossing around yesterday were Pablo Sandoval’s continued weight problems. Since it’s baseball season, a baseball-related post is always a temptation.

Then, I noticed an article in the local weekly, The Forecaster, the Mid-Coast edition (reprinted from the Bangor Daily News). I read that Morse High School is considering changing their graduation gown colors in order to make sure that transgender students aren’t singled out by having to choose a color, either blue or white, since gender confusion is hot right now. Instead, school officials might have everyone simply wear blue. But not everyone is on-board with that change. Seems like tradition still holds some sway here in 2016.

A topic I would really like to delve into is how the minority now holds the majority hostage on a myriad of issues, this just being one of them. Did you know that the population of people in the U.S. that identify as transgender is about 0.3 percent? So all the hoopla about bathrooms means that 99.7 percent of us that are pretty clear on our gender may have to deal with our own confusion at some point, like making public restroom choices in the future. But since I can’t toe the politically correct line on that one, I think I’ll pass.

Then there’s my upcoming radio appearance on Monday. I’ll be talking about indie publishing. It would have been so easy to throw up a post about how to publish your own book. I could have knocked that one out of the park since I could publish a book in my sleep.

I’ve been writing many of my posts the night before and scheduling them to publish automatically. Thursday night, I considered that. But, after umpiring a high school baseball game in Portland where the catchers for the team that lost 22-0 couldn’t catch the ball and being hit by pitches five different times, I was bit banged up and too tired to get out my laptop and engage in the exercise of writing. A post drawing on my ample baseball experience as a former player, coach, and now an umpire, allows me some latitude when commenting on the demise of baseball in general.

I’m a reader and I continue my habit of reading regularly, working my way through a variety of books. It doesn’t seem to make me any more marketable, but who cares what the masses are up to, right? I think I’ll be centering my blogging on books over the next few months. It’s something I like to write about, and I’m sure it will be less confusing that way, too.

One thought on “The Land of Confusion

  1. You know, if the Red Sox traded Sandoval to the Patriots it could solve the problem the Pats have with defensive tackles.

    Rumours of Spring up here. One of my neighbors ran his lawnmower for a while today. The cat was out from 0930 until 1830, suppertime. Yellow flowers are blooming in my inherited gardens. The neighbor next door put his benches out around his fire pit, has been tinkering with the hot tub all day, and was just looking under the pool cover.

    I found out in the Bangor Deadly that Lisbon Falls now has a business making malt, Blue Ox. They did a puff piece on some brew made using entirely Maine ingredients, and linked to a piece they did a few days earlier on the new malt house, the only one in Maine. Now that would have been a great business to put into the Worumbo, but it appears to be over in the industrial park. It’s a great little asset for the town to pick up.

    Up here we have an award-winning vodka distillery. What else do we have up here? Potatoes. What do you make vodka from? Well, mostly wheat anymore. Very disappointed the distillery isn’t using potatoes for authentic vodka. Perhaps in time.

    And the whole TG thing? Absolutely hilarious, if I say so myself. “I look like a dog, but I identify as a shin guard.”

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