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It’s nearly impossible to find unfiltered news coming from the driveby sources. The New York Times runs a story on Hillary Clinton’s emails, then the Old Gray Lady furiously backpedals from it. The Washington Post tells us that the reason that Donald Trump is surging in the polls is due to stupid, white people. So much for our vaunted “fourth estate” and its objectivity.

News isn't what it used to be.

News isn’t what it used to be.

There’s a reason why many conservatives don’t trust the media, citing its liberal bias. That suspicion of mainstream news isn’t limited entirely to those on the right, either.

My decision the past few weeks to bypass many of the mainstream sources where I’ve sought news in the past, has been a beneficial one. In fact, despite the continued protests of Hillary supporters by people that ought to know better, “educated” white people (for want of another term), about some supposed “right-wing conspiracy” against her, I’d say that much of the information I’ve been finding on the right, while slanted for sure, serves me better than the garbage being peddled from the left.

Leaving your usual corner of the interwebs, and departing from your tried-and-true circles of ideological knee-jerking is guaranteed to open you up to new and different ways of parsing the news. You might even be less impressed (bamboozled?) by candidates on the left and the right.

Thanks to Glenn Beck, I now know that Bernie Sanders lacked the good sense back in the 1980s not to put out an atrocious record (as in singing, not voting). Other non-driveby sources show Bernie to be less of a socialist, and more of a good Democrat.

Of course, both the left and right (with a few exceptions) continue to lob stones at Donald Trump, explaining away his support as simply a case of stupid (white) people.

Keep up the stellar reporting, media types.

2 thoughts on “The News Biz

  1. Trump is garnering the attention and support he is getting because he is willing to call out the elephant in the room. He certainly has his character flaws and drawbacks, but neither Tweedledum or Tweedledee can ignore what their masters tell them (which is to ignore and distract from the elephant in the room) and that leaves an opening for Trump. Remember Perot? Forbes? In the end Trump won’t be a candidate, his own business is too important, but for now remember two other candidates who despite being billionaires were absolutely the best candidates for middle-class Americans, and who in the end made no difference at all.

  2. @LP It’s fascinating looking at the various threads floating around the MSM (mainstream media), or the “driveby” as I prefer (a nod to Limbaugh for that one). Perhaps better, what’s not being reported. Right now, there is nary a peep about Hillary Clinton and her personal emails.

    I do remember Perot. Forbes, of course.

    For several weeks, I’ve had an experience that can only be described as having the scales removed from my eyes. Yes, Biblical in origin on that term.

    Giving credit, where credit is due.

    The Fourth Estate is shepherding its resources to ensure that they crown the establishment candidates for the perfunctory face off that all of this preliminary hoopla will eventually lead us to.

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