The Power of Local

I received an email the other day. It was from someone who I once had a secondary connection to. While this person is certainly an intelligent, thoughtful person, their email was another one of those Henny Penny, “the sky is falling,” type of screeds. I read the email and the link attached and felt powerless. There was nothing I could do to change the problem being highlighted because it was too big for me. It was a macro level problem, and I need to stay focused on the micro level realities of life. 

Society needs difference makers. Not political figureheads, or ceremonial leaders, but local people, committed to changing things where they live.

I often hear people whine and complain about “the state of the world.” I can’t change the world; you can’t change the world. However, you can make a small difference beginning with some local issue. In fact, local issues are where you are even welcomed once you show up and offer assistance.

Yes, the world does seem to be going to hell in a hand basket on most days. But when I look around, I’m regularly encouraged. I can tick off 10 people who I know personally that are changing things in their local communities, or in their region. This is significant because these are individuals who are leading by example, not some kind of institutional fiat.

Do politics matter? I’ll leave that up to the politicians to sort out. One thing I know is that local action has the power to impact, and move things positively, the closer we are to where we live.

Get busy where you live!