Travel writing

When traveling, it seems like the entire population of the United States is also marching  somewhere, especially when spending time between flights, at airports. People are in a hurry and I think air travel brings out the worst in us.

The interwebs taught me (while sitting at this JetBlue Hotspot) that information on who hasn’t flown is quite spotty and conflicting. One article in Time indicates that 80 percent of Americans have never flown. Another, somewhat dated poll put the number much lower, at 11 percent. That’s one problem relying on Google as your primary data source.

I don’t really like to fly. This year, I’ve flown three times; twice for business and once for pleasure.

Today, I’m en route to Orlando for a conference.

Reaching my destination is always a personal cause for celebration, as I don’t particularly enjoy the cattle call ambiance of flying.

The book I downloaded on my NOOK was a great choice. It will help assuage the annoyances that accompany travel days.