What’s Important for Today

It’s easy to be a fount of optimism when everything is going well in your life. In our age of social media profiling, being a Pollyanna is a requirement if you want to be one of the cool kids. What about when things don’t go so well, or life becomes a struggle, or your health takes a turn for the worse?

We’re conditioned to be positive, especially by society around us. However, being positive for positive’s sake may not be the best strategy.

Reality checks are necessary from time to time. What I don’t get (and probably never will) is how hard we work to push reality to the margins in our own lives, yet derive some sick, voyeuristic pleasure in tracking the lives of others—I mean, why is reality Tee Vee so damn popular?

One test of authenticity if anyone still cares about being genuine and transparent, is to keep on truckin’ when little in your day-to-day seems to validate the course you’ve hitched your wagon to. Sometimes you just have to trust your decisions, especially when life kicks you in the teeth.

So what does all of this mean? I’m not really sure, at least not today. But here is something I’m personally invested in.

Your life’s work and value isn’t determined by what you had for breakfast this morning. No matter what appears to be your reality at the moment, if you are doing the right things—and this is always where the debate begins—then you just have to believe that history will validate your choices.

As far as what’s “right,” there are some guideposts that are worth setting firmly around your actions and life’s trajectory. Honesty (with yourself and others), avoiding exploitation, paying things forward, making sure you honor your words by your actions—these are solid blocks to build your foundation (and your life) upon.

I don’t have much else to offer—at least not today.

2 thoughts on “What’s Important for Today

  1. “Your life’s work and value isn’t determined by what you had for breakfast this morning.”

    Yes, indeed. I don’t have much else to offer, either. We all need to work it out, don’t we?

    • I think it’s imperative that we grapple with some of these “bigger” questions. It’s obvious to me that very few people have answers to why so many of our systems are broken beyond repair. Interestingly, those who have been through our education mills, and have attained to the highest levels are often the most bereft. Listen closely to when our current president speaks–he is saying absolutely nothing. Members of the media offer hackneyed stories and trip over one another chasing the latest flavor craze in the daily news cycle.

      The need to put a happy face on everything is delusional and Americans are as deluded as anyone.

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