Winter snow

Winter wood pile

I love snow.

Our enjoyment of the white stuff probably stems from those long-ago experiences out in the snow when we were all kids.

As a pre-teen, I’d play out in the snow and cold, sliding and building snow forts until my mother made me come in.

I still enjoy “playing” out in the snow, even if it’s just shoveling the stuff. Actually, snowshoeing and walking the trails out behind our house are two things I’ll spend parts of the weekend doing.

I stayed up too late watching the Celtics get pummeled on the west coast. My head’s fogged in this morning.

As soon as I put on my winter coat and hat and hit the ground, shovel in hand, the fog began to dissipate and I was struck by the stillness and nippiness of the December air. The yard covered with the season’s first fresh coat of significant snowfall made the moment perfect.

Take some time today and appreciate the season’s gift of beauty.

Pine tree in snow