You Can’t Say That

Gen Y shutting down free speech.

Gen Y shutting down free speech.

Free speech and the right of Americans to speak their piece is arguably one of our nation’s most vaunted freedoms. Short of yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater and a few other caveats, whether you agreed with another’s protected speech, the right to say it was sacrosanct for more than 200 years.

Leave it to millennials to fuck that up! According to Pew Research, our milliennial snowflakes are much more likely than older Americans to say government should be able to prevent people from saying “mean and hurtful” things about minority groups.

Millennials want to eliminate bad words.

Millennials want to eliminate bad words.

The millennial generation—also known as Generation Y—are the demographic born after 1980. They have been written about ad nauseam, dominating political discourse, garnering the attention of marketers, and seemingly, now are content on dismantling all semblance of those traditions that made American better than other places around the world. You can thank them for the Obama years, since they “gave their hearts” to the President in overwhelming fashion.

I’m fine with that, really I am. I mean, boomers gave us Kennedy and a truncated version of Camelot. Shoot, boomers have plenty of blame to shoulder for the mess we’re in. But we’ve never wavered on the First Amendment with the intent of curtailing freedom of speech.

Or maybe history paints another picture. In a case of the apples (or snowflakes) not falling too far from the academic tree, Yale that great Ivy League bastion of thought and intellectual freedom, had free speech issues way back in 1974. At least the powers that be came down on the side of free speech. The right to say things that are hurtful, racist, or worse, is now under attach again. This time, I’m not so sure that Yale’s leadership or others on campuses nationwide will vote for First Amendment rights like they did in 1974. Just look at how university and college leaders have come under fire for all manner of slights and accused microaggressions nationwide.

But maybe millennials aren’t so special, after all. For all the talk and reports about their support for diversity and multiculturalism, Generation Y is not much different than any other group of Americans. Professor Spencer Piston, at the Campbell Institute at Syracuse University found that studies like the 2010 Pew report failed to take into account the inclusion of more people of color in the sampling pool.

According to Piston, “white millennials appear to be no less prejudiced than the rest of the white population.” Oy Vey! In fact, young blacks are more conservative than their parents, while also being less likely to support government aid to minorities. Boy, does that fly in the face of the mainstream narrative.

But hey! We’re drawing nigh to that wonderful time of the year—the holiday season. That’s when all of us get to gather around the table, break bread, and put all our variances aside.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” — George Orwell

    Vox Day wrote a book called “Social Justice Warriors Always Lie.” No pulling punches in the title. As he notes, Stalin’s little helpers have learned that the most effective way to bully their opponents is to go after their work, get them fired, make them unemployable by making any potential employer have to deal with their toddler foot-stamping tantrums.

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