A Lack of Words

I’m up to my elbows in outdoor projects right now. Having a house requires seasons when all your spare moments are devoted to home improvement activities.

Apparently, America is under some siege from Creepy Clowns. That’s an apt descriptor of Maine’s gubernatorial situation, as we have a clown in the Blaine House, and when he’s bullying some group or person he disagrees with, he acts like a creep, so that would make him creepy.

Obviously, I have little to write of any substance today. Actually, it’s less a case of content and more a situation of time.

Because I’ve had little time and energy to devote to fitness endeavors, I’ve been trying to swim twice weekly and today was my swim morning.

I hope to deliver something next week about a wonderful book I’ve been reading about Jeff Buckley this week. “Grace” has been in heavy rotation, too.

Happy Friday! Watch out for clowns that appear creepy.

Maine's creepy governor.

Maine’s creepy governor.

One thought on “A Lack of Words

  1. In this strange and creepy digital age where every possible angle of our humanity can be imaged, twisted, magnified, and analyzed, is it possible to avoid looking like a clown? There’s nary a photo of LePage that makes the daily “news” in which he doesn’t look cartoon-ish. Have they started teaching classes at the colleges and universities yet on “how to make your social media image appear less clown-like?” Someday I will have to write a blog post about why everyone should own a pair of large, dark sunglasses. Few would read it, but…oh well.

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