Trash It

I had a political screed ready to publish on Sunday, prior to the freak show that now serves as the template for our presidential debates. After listening incredulously to both candidates, I scheduled it to publish on Columbus Day morning—then I put it in my WordPress trash bin. Later, I pulled it out and set it to publish again, before finally deep-sixing it once and for all.

That trashed post is a product of being sick and tired of all the self-righteous posing that people that I once considered friends (and some, acquaintances) have taken to Facebook to spout about almost every day. Your moral superiority is an ugly look.

Here’s a snippet of what I had planned to post, but finally decided to delete

One thing I am positive about. I’m done reading anyone’s either/or equivocation. We’re as fucked with Hillary at the helm as we will be at with Trump. Both are pathetic excuses for a leader.

Don’t like my opinion. Well to hell with you! I’m still entitled to holding one until that right gets stripped away by whoever we end up with for our next president.

Speaking of opinions, The Baffler isn’t afraid to show you theirs. Whether you are a fan of their far left progressive takes, or not, at least they haven’t resorted to listicles (yet).

The fact that they actually still publish long-form articles by writers trumpeting autodidacticism is reason to at least consider their ideas. Not sure what that is? I touched down on the topic back in 2013. A lot of good self-learning has done me. But that’s a topic for another post I’ll probably write but not publish.

As much as I still want to like The Baffler, however, they lose me with articles like this one. I’m sorry, but promoting the idea that all we need to fix the problems facing America is come to “grips with womb-based womanhood,” as in, “let’s return to the womb,” is politically-correct nonsense.

I doubt anyone tacking an autodidactic route would offer up this kind of poppycock, straight out of woman studies 101.

Can women save us?

Can women save us?

3 thoughts on “Trash It

  1. How do you pronounce “meritocrat?” I wonder, from reading the first article, if there are other countries in the world where some autodidactia still flourishes or whether it’s a death of learning all the world round?

    And the second link? Didn’t read it. I’m the “first lady” of my own white house right here in town and that’s exactly where I want to be. Here at this white house, I try to keep the mood and vibe like it’s 1949, just before Cheetos were invented. There’s no Tee Vee, plenty of good food and hospitality, and even some books here and there for those so inclined.

    People sometimes use the term the “dustbin of history” when speaking of things that are no longer relevant to the modern culture; perhaps things here in the old white house are in that dusty bin. So be it.

    And good for you that your post at least made it from your head to your blog. My “trash” posts are always just skittering around in my mind like tumbleweeds.

  2. I am with Julie. Have a new Facebook page called Bill’s Home and it’s fun. Time to laugh and get my quirky sense of humor back. Just left an emotionally abusive job but the “story” is that I left for health reasons and that “story” is being told over and over again. Kind of irritated but I guess it sort of is the truth but not the whole truth. The whole truth. Ummm, that is an interesting concept. Keep tellin’ it the way you see it, Jim, because being truthful to yourself is all one has.

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