Bringing the Moxie

The Moxie Boy and Moxie Boy-in-training.

The Moxie Boy and Moxie Boy-in-training.

Today’s the start of a three-day Moxie weekend. I know I’m supposed to be blogging about Moxie, but sometimes, I think I’ve written just about all I want to about Moxie. Maybe that’s why this year, I’ve toned down my usual Moxie blogging quota.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate Moxie’s history, and all that goes along with this distinctly different soft drink that’s been around since 1884 because I do. The two books, the signings, the interviews I was asked to do, and the Tee Vee appearances are “all good,” as they say. It’s just that my interests and things I want to write about are much broader than one product, even a product as unique as Moxie.

My sister has picked up the slack in a big way and perhaps she’ll carry the Baumer Moxie torch for the next few years before she hands it off to someone else (get ready, Mark). It’s always fun when you first get involved with a subject and a celebration like Moxie. She’s brought some fresh energy and new ideas to the annual Moxie Recipe Contest, moved it to Friday night, found a great little local restaurant as the venue, and secured a bunch of us “celebrity” judges to sample what I’m sure will be some really great dishes, all prepared with Moxie. Who knew how versatile Moxie could be, right?

I’ll be back in Lisbon Falls in the morning, running the 5K with Mark, then we’ll clean up and head downtown to walk the parade route. I look forward to seeing old friends, and meeting some new fans of Moxie.

The festival is good for the town and I’m glad the town’s taken on a bigger role in making sure that the festival goes off each year without a hitch, or minimal hiccups. Summer festivals like Moxie are opportunities for communities to sell themselves and I think the Town of Lisbon really needs to figure out an identity, create a brand, and leveraging Moxie is a nice tool to have in its reinvention toolkit.

Ok—time to bring the Moxie, at least one more time.

To Moxie and all that goes with it!!