Know Your Home State

Maine’s been known as vacationland for as long as I can remember. It’s a place that visitors from other states and across the world flock to, especially in the summer. Yet, many Mainers (I include myself here) have yet to really get to know their home state.

Rather than pining for adventures beyond Maine’s borders in locales that others consider exotic, me and my better half are committed to doing a better job of exploring the back roads, peninsulas, coves and harbors of the Pine Tree State. It’s easier to do now that winter has departed and warmer days are en route.

We spent the past weekend in Ogunquit. The town’s white sand beach, with the backdrop of rugged coastal cliffs is breathtaking.

Maine's most beautiful beach.

Maine’s most beautiful beach.

What we both liked about Ogunquit at least from our weekend base of operations at the Beachmere Inn, was how walkable the town really is. We parked our car Saturday afternoon and didn’t need it until leaving late Monday morning.

Oqunquit's Marginal Way.

Oqunquit’s Marginal Way.

Both of us remarked that we really don’t know Maine’s southern coastal towns—it’s far too easy to bypass them when traveling south on I-95.

We both love the ocean and since Maine has more than 3,400 miles of coastline (more than California has, and 3rd behind only Florida and Louisiana), I think I know what Miss Mary and I will be doing this summer.

To summer and beaches.

To summer and beaches.

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  1. The Beachmere Inn looks lovely! And thank you for that factoid about Maine’s 3,400 miles of coastline. I used it today with one of my customers…I am always hustling “The Way Life Should Be” to anyone who will listen. I look forward to reading more of your summer travel adventures.

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