Movie Marquees and People That Matter

The Braden Theater, Preque Isle, ME

The Braden Theater, Preque Isle, ME

Having the right people in our lives can help enhance our journey towards success. I’ve been fortunate to find some special people along the road and they always seem to pop up at the perfect time.

In 2004, I left the safety of my cubicle at Moscow Mutual and started down a brand new path. I was pretty sure it was the right one, but when you’re on the road to reinvention, there is no road map; just a few cairns guiding you forward.

My new itinerary brought a new cast of characters into my life. A few of these people carried skills and talents to the table that I didn’t have but needed to move projects forward.

I found Jonathan Braden’s business card on the bulletin board at my local credit union. Emails back and forth launched a working partnership and Jonathan designed my very first book cover for When Towns Had Teams. We also developed a friendship.

On Saturday, I walked the attendees attending my Publishing 101 Boot Camp through the paces on how to publish their books. I thought of Jonathan and his important contribution to one of my early successes.

I was in Aroostook County Wednesday and Thursday this week for the Maine BLN. I saw the movie marquee in Presque Isle and knew I needed to take a picture and send it to Jonathan in Austin, TX, where he now resides.

Mary and I blew through his town back in the summer of 2010. We hung out with Jonathan and his girlfriend, Lindsay. They gave us the Braden/Kinsolving power tour of Austin and we now know why many call it “America’s music capital.” It was one of the highlights of Road Trip 2010.

I’ve always wanted to attend SXSW and I have a standing invitation from Mr. Braden any time I want to visit. Who knows; maybe if the JBE has a banner year in 2013, I’ll be headed to Tejas for a week of music next year?