Yellow submarines, Moxie, and Lobster Rolls

Saturday I headed down the coast. My traveling companion and better half, Miss Mary, was prepping for her third Tri for a Cure on Sunday. I was on my own.

I enjoy driving down coastal U.S. Route 1 towards places like Thomaston, Rockland, and even Camden, my final destination. Given that it was mid-July, and tourist season, I thought the traffic would be heavier than it was. I wasn’t complaining.

Sans my lobster rolling co-pilot, I was early enough on my way to sign Moxie books at the Owl and Turtle Book Shop that I could take a detour off Route One. I pointed JBE1 down Buttermilk Lane towards South Thomaston and ‘Keag Store, which I heard has an excellent lobster roll.

I began thinking as I sat at the picnic table that I might turn my blog into a food review site specializing in lobster rolls and other Maine foods ala The Lobster Gal (who has been surprisingly sparse in her own lobster rolling). Then again that’s the domain of others who’ve already staked it out and do it much better.

The lobster roll, on a hamburg bun was ok, but honestly, a bit disappointing. The lobster, dressed lightly with just a bit of mayo was good. It just wasn’t one of the best I’d had and really, I’m a hot dog bun kind of guy when it comes to my lobster rolls. They did have some amazing ketchup chips on the shelf, so I picked up two bags; one for me, and another to bring home to Mary. Ketchup chips are tough to come by in Maine. I think they’re a Canadian thing, as the company that makes these, Covered Bridge, is based in New Brunswick.

Keag lobster roll

‘Keag Store lobster roll, on a hamburg bun, unfortunately.

Ketchup chips

I did find a yellow submarine (a one-man band type of submarine), however, and a cute little waterside park on the opposite side of the road from ‘Keag Store.

I found a one-man, yellow submarine.

I found a one-man, yellow submarine.

Then, I was back to tourist-land and Camden, signing a few Moxie books, pouring some Moxie with Terry, my sales rep at the former Down East Books, and being treated like royalty by Haley and the Owl and Turtle team. Unfortunately, Saturday’s heat kept the crowds down, so I didn’t sell as many books as I’d have liked. The Owl and Turtle folks reassured me that the book’s done very well this summer.

Back up Route One I went, retracing the popular trail frequented by Maine’s tourists, towards home.

Another Moxie book signing.

Another Moxie book signing.

Young Moxie fans

A younger Moxie demographic.