Focus on what you can control

If you didn’t stay up ‘til just before midnight last night watching the Boston Celtics’ heartbreaking loss (heartbreaking, at least, if a fan of the green team), then this post might not interest you, or so you think. Stick with it a few more sentences however, so you’ll see where I’m going.

Basically, an aging team, beaten up, besieged by injuries and a steep underdog, rode their future superstar, Rajon Rondo, to the brink of pulling a huge upset. Instead, a few missed calls and officiating that seemed to be set upon protecting the NBA’s two certified superstars, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, and marginalizing Rondo and Boston’s star Paul Pierce (who fouled out), prevailed; or so one kind of narrative goes. I haven’t listened to WEEI today, so I’m only guessing. Continue reading

Turning away from conventional thinking

Sunday’s Maine Sunday Telegram had an interesting article by Colin Woodard on the proposed East-West Highway across north central Maine, providing a direct link from southwestern New Brunswick to southern Quebec. Interesting in that the article highlighted a common theme embedded in all our debates about economic development and politics–either/or thinking, sometimes called binary thinking. It’s thinking that only allows for two, rather than multiple possibilities.

In this case, Peter Vigue, chief executive for Cianbro, one of Maine’s premiere construction firms, is pitching the idea that Maine (north of Waterville, basically) has a choice–build a $2 billion, 220-mile closed-access toll highway sweeping through the forests of rural Washington, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Somerset and northern Franklin counties, or forever risk remaining an economic backwater. That’s an oversimplification, but not a gross one. Continue reading

Reprogramming yourself

The world of work has changed

We are in the midst of a period of cultural dissonance affecting everyone in America. Government, our education system, even employers are attempting to navigate through a period of radical transformation. If I had to pick a one word descriptor of this point in time, one bursting with possibilities, as well as misunderstanding, change would be that word. Continue reading

Getting your Facebook on


Feel the Facebook

Facebook’s stock is set to begin trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market today at 11 a.m. EST. This is one day after the world’s definitive online social network raised $16 billion in an initial public offering that valued the company at $104 billion. Facebook’s value is more than and other well-known companies such as Kraft, Walt Disney and McDonald’s.

If you are a stock investor, you might want to pick up a few shares at its opening price of $38. Continue reading

Social Media: Can HR manage it?

The wrap-up of my Maine Human Resources Convention  2012 occurred during Wednesday’s 3:00 pm workshop in the Keynote Ballroom. The topic, “Social Media in the Life Cycle of the Employment Relationship.”

Four attorneys from Bernstein Shur delivered one of the most important workshops taking place during the entire conference, yet there were probably only 100 people present in a room that holds more than 500. This didn’t surprise me because as a group, the Maine Human Resources community is poorly positioned relative to social media. I offer this insight, not to criticize, but to raise awareness and to try to raise a red flag about an issue that is only going to grow in importance for them, both from a compliance standpoint, but maybe more important,  in the context of how it is changing the culture of work. As the old-timers are want to say, “the horse has already left the barn” on that one. Continue reading

Creating content for conventions

Being at a conference like the Maine Human Resources Convention 2012 compels me to put up conference-centric content on my blog. While not everyone is a blogger, I find that each time I make the effort to represent even a small fraction of all that’s going on here at The Samoset during my stay will result in a return on my blogging investment in new followers, as well as increased traffic to my new website/blog. I also enjoy creating a personal snapshot; another benefit personally is that it also provides a vehicle for me to process everything happening around me. Continue reading

Becoming HR

After an exciting book launch weekend, the JBE is off to the Samoset in Rockport for a whirlwind two days at this year’s Maine HR Convention, aka #MEHRC2012 (that’s Twitterspeak). Well, at least that’s the #hashtag that those of us on Twitter came up with based upon past conventions.

The Maine HR Convention is an interesting gathering. This year, more than 800+ HR professionals and ancillary attendees gather for four days of HR-related banter, workshops, and my favorite—A-list speakers. I also appreciate the networking opportunities my two days will afford me. Continue reading