Everything is local

We’ve been in a two decade state of denial about fixing our problems at home, focused on the global because somehow, we thought (convinced by tools like Thomas Friedman) that we lived in a flat world of olive trees, and we could all drive a Lexus.

With the implosion of the global financial realm, people that pay attention to things are now recognizing that taking care of our home turf might be the best approach–think, back to the future! Continue reading

Taking care of your customers

Tires are important–they are what keeps your car in contact with the road and the basis of a smooth, comfortable ride.

I rely on my tires a lot. When you put on in excess of 20K miles a year, having your tires at peak performance is essential. I’m also a stickler about how my car rides.

This week, I’ve noticed some tire “chatter” that wasn’t there before, especially at highway speeds in excess of 65 mph. Today was the day this week when I had a window of time to take care of my tire issue; otherwise, it would be another week, at least and I’d start to get a bit annoyed knowing that something wasn’t right with my tires. Continue reading

Back in the saddle

Being out of work felt like employment purgatory, some kind of in-between state betwixt work and permanent slackerdom. Fortunately for me, this state was short-lived and I’m happy to report that as of yesterday, I’m back in the fold of gainful employment. Actually, I’m on a roll, as it looks like I’ll be working not one, not two, but probably three jobs, or at least managing three disparate income streams. Continue reading