Health Matters

There’s this debate about whether or not health care is a fundamental right for Americans. The divide, like with most issues, seems to come down to ideology.

I was reminded again this weekend that this issue has been debated for the entirety of my lifetime, and another 30 years prior to my birth. It’s affected me personally and our family, especially relative to the birth of our son and now, seeing him transition into adulthood. Continue reading

Over There

There is this phenomenon where we believe or conjure up a place where the grass is greener. That greener, more amenable place is always “over there,” or somewhere other than here.

I don’t know for sure, but I think this behavioral trait may have something to do with the American tradition of vacationing, especially now with the ease of travel, particularly air-based travel. Jet-setting across the globe has become the norm for most Americans, at least those with even a modicum of disposable income. Continue reading

Braking for Lobster Rolls

Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery makes a damn fine lobster roll!

Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery makes a damn fine lobster roll!

Opinions concerning food are subjective; I get that. Some people like certain types and flavors of food. If you like lobster rolls, then you probably like a certain kind of presentation.

There are guides and rankings out there about what constitutes good, or even great, lobster rolls. One such guide that Miss Mary and I have been using since last summer is Mike Urban’s, Lobster Shacks: A Road-trip Guide to New England’s Best Lobster Joints. Continue reading

Cape Escape

Our 21st century lives place more demands on us all the time. Life seems especially hectic and sped-up for Americans.

In my own life, work, family, writing, commitments to be fit–all of these place increased pressure on my personal speeding train that sometimes seems precariously close to jumping the rails. Continue reading

Content for People Who Tweet

Last night, I had a drink with someone with a lot of tweets. He has lots of tweets he told me because he’s been tweeting for a long time and he got in while the tweeting was good. I got in after he did and I don’t have as many tweets, or people who follow my tweets. Continue reading

The Need for Distance and Space

When an event occurs, like it did today at the tail-end of the Boston Marathon, there’s a tendency to react. Given that many of us are connected via smartphones and social media platforms, news spreads like a wildfire in a windstorm. Continue reading

Night Swimming

Swimming is a new experience for the JBE.

Swimming is a new experience for the JBE.

When I first dipped a tentative toe into the South Portland Municipal Pool on February 14, I wasn’t expecting much. Actually, I figured that things would go so poorly that I’d have an excuse to quit, although I’m not really given to quitting since I became the JBE, free agent superhero.

That first experience didn’t get off to a great start at all. Continue reading

Don’t Wait Too Long

Maine has lost one of its workforce champions.

Maine has lost one of its workforce champions.

Mentoring has become somewhat of a lost art in our culture. At one time, it was an expectation that older men would pass on their knowledge and wisdom to those younger and on their way up. Some cultures still maintain elements of this. I think it’s a positive thing. Continue reading