Does Your Brand Matter?

How's your personal brand rate?

How’s your personal brand stack up?

I receive Seth Godin’s daily email. His stuff is short, but packed with power.

Some people don’t get Godin. Generally, those that don’t can’t see the efficacy of change, or why effective change entails taking a risk. If you’re vested in maintaining the same old, same old (aka, the status quo), then Godin doesn’t resonate with you. Continue reading

Writing From Another Time

Norman Mailer was a literary icon whose influence as a writer spanned more than five decades following WWII. The decades where his writing wielded the most influence were arguably the 1960s, 1970s, and even into the 1980s.

Harvard educated, Mailer wrote fiction, nonfiction, essays, and even plays. He was one of the founding members of the The Village Voice. At times, especially early in his life, he was known as much for his machismo as he was for his politics and Pulitzers. Continue reading

Keeping Quiet

Blogging has been an outlet for me to let off steam, work out idea prototypes, or just reflect. There have been times over the past 10 years where I’ve used this space and others to lash out or criticize. I rarely do that anymore.

Being critical is easy. Raising the bar impossibly high for others makes more sense than holding yourself to the same impossibly stringent requirements. We all do it. Continue reading

Cleaner Air

Can we cut harmful CO2 emissions?

Can we cut harmful CO2 emissions?

No One likes breathing in noxious fumes and air tainted with pollutants. In places like Maine, clean air and pure water are both essential elements of the state’s brand, and well worth holding onto.

Air pollution still poses a health risk for many Americans. Diseases like asthma, COPD, even heart attacks can be exacerbated by exposure to the various elements and particulates that cause air pollution. Continue reading

Blueberry Baron

Last year for Father’s Day, Mark, our son visited and brought three small blueberry bushes. He thought his dad needed some blueberries to tend.

Mark used the landscaping skills acquired during his college stint working for Anderson Landscaping.  He dug out the holes, planted three plants, and added some compost from our bin. Continue reading

Music in My Car

Mogwai, The Heartless Bastards, Kurt Vile, Jeff Buckley, Todd Rundgren.

Mogwai, The Heartless Bastards, Kurt Vile, Jeff Buckley, Todd Rundgren.

Music has always been a big part of the Jim Baumer Experience. Every blog I’ve ever maintained at least occasionally brushed up against music, especially music with a big beat, albeit, rock and roll.

The term rock and roll isn’t what it used to be. When the first electric guitars got plugged in and amplification changed modern music, rock was a rebel yell into the conservative abyss and a kick in the teeth to the status quo. Now? Not so much. Continue reading

Empower Yourself

I believe that many are lacking something that makes them feel alive, or gives their life meaning. Merely working 40-50 hours each week for a paycheck isn’t meaningful; it’s survival.

I’ve written about my quest to learn to swim. I decided that I wanted to complete a sprint triathlon in June. Mary’s been competing in these for the past three years and I wanted to join her. I only had one problem; I haven’t been in a public pool since I was 12 and I could barely make it down the pool and back. I certainly had no technique. Continue reading

Careful What You Say, But Think What You Want

It’s ok to hold contrary views and opinions, except when it’s not. Actually, we live in a fairly buttoned-up time when it comes to tolerating alternative narratives about politics, economics, work, family relations, etc. If you don’t think so, try going against the grain once in a while.

I know only too well that “thinking outside the box” basically gets you left out in the cold, and marginalized. Or, you get the “whispers behind your back” treatment. No one really wants the actual moving out of the box, or new ways of doing things; they just like talking about it. Continue reading

Get-away Day (day 3)-Wrapping it Up

NEW13HRCLogoSideBarFinal days at conventions, or get-away days, drawing on a baseball term, are always transitional. Up to that point, attendees are engaged, focused on the tasks, keynotes, and workshops at-hand. On get-away day, there’s a subtle shift that takes place. Everyone starts thinking of things back at the office—the things you’ve put off or put on hold—and if you’re staying at the Samoset, or off-grounds, like I was, you have to make sure you’re checked out and the car is loaded before commencing your final day of conventioneering. Continue reading

How Diverse Are We? (day 2)

Mt. Battie just after sunrise.

Mt. Battie just after sunrise, shrouded in fog.

Day #2 began early, very early, with blogging and then a run into Camden at sunrise. It ended much later, visiting and old friend in Rockland. In-between, my second day at the Samoset for the #MEHRC2013 convention brought the following:

  •  Cy Wakeman and reality-based rules for the workplace and leadership

  • Diversity and HR’s role facilitating that journey, with Shilpa Pherwani (my favorite workshop)

  • Networking with old friends

  • Pamela Green unleashing HR’s power

  • Networking with new friends

  • A late afternoon swim

  • Visiting with an old friend in Rockland Continue reading